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About the Market

Get an insider's expert take on the current market. Is it a good time to sell? Find out...
Home prices in North Georgia are up by 7%.
Average time on market is 16 days.
It's a perfect time to sell.
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My Home Selling Process

Step 01

Home Review

I sell homes higher than the market average because I'm an expert at preparation and pricing.
We do a comprehensive evaluation of your home.
We plan for how your home will show best.
We come up with a winning pricing strategy.

Step 02

Prepare to List

It is important to have your home ready for market on day one. We go above and beyond with...
Staging your home (if needed)
A full complimentary professional cleaning.*
Complimentary professional real estate photography.
* Doesn't include carpet cleaning.

Step 03

We Market Your Home

We specialize in social media marketing and are able to land 90% of buyers quickly through social media. But, rest assured, we market your home everywhere.
Full marketing through our trusted network.
Comprehensive online marketing.
We use all the latest offline marketing strategies.

Step 04

We Find Your Buyer

As leads start to pour in, we use our expertise and experience to vet buyers, do virtual tours, and lead private showings. 
Virtual tours to limit exposure to your home.
Private covid-compliant showings for serious prospects.
We vet buyers financially.

Step 05

Select an Offer

Price is just one of the many considerations when reviewing bids. We make sure to look at all pieces of the puzzle to make sure you're getting the best deal possible.
We review contingencies across all bids.
We review loan types across all bids.
We review closing costs across all bids.

Step 06

We Manage 100% of the Deal

There's a lot of back-and-forth in real estate deals as well as a lot of things most sellers may not be aware of. That's why we manage 100% of the deal for you and use our extensive experience to get you the best outcome.
We handle all negotiations with sellers and their agents.
We handle all the paperwork from start to close.
We deal with any 3rd party vendors that may be involved.

Step 07

We Close

This the moment you've been waiting for. Once all the hard work is done, it's time to close. Rest assured, we'll even be there after the deal to help guide you.
Closing date & location scheduling.
We'll be with you at your closing (per Covid allowance).
We'll guide you on when to cancel policies & accounts.

What Clients Have to Say

  • Thank you Brooke - you did an awesome job with a quick turnaround time at a price we were very happy with. I would definitely recommend you in the future.
    Susan Van Valkenburgh
  • Brooke brought in the motivation we needed to get the house ready and get it sold. She and her team are great with communication and coordinating details. Thank you for all you have done.
    Joel Thomas
  • Brooke was an amazing seller to work with. She made the whole process seamless and worry free. I would highly recommend Brooke for any real estate transaction. Brooke helped us make our dreams come true!
    April Lewis

Common Seller Questions

How much will I net from the sale of my house?

It depends on many different factors: final sale price; the payoff of your current mortgage; commissions; attorney fees; and seller-paid closing costs. We're going to do everything we can for you to maximize your net gain.

How long will my home be on the market for?

My goal is to have homes sold and off the market within 30 days. I specialize in fast sales. As long as you're willing to take my suggestions, we'll get your home sold quickly.

What if my home closes faster than I want it to?

As the seller, you have complete control over the closing timeline.

Do I need to do a full remodel?

During a seller's market, full remodels are not necessary. When we evaluate your home, we'll give you a full list of things we'd recommend fixing as well as things that don't need to be addressed.

Do I always have to be gone for showings?

During the COVID pandemic we ask that all sellers not be in the home for showings to cut back on exposure. We also recommend you leave hand sanitizer by the door for guests.
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